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proship, TERF, LGBT+ exclusionist, basic dni critera


INTP / 4w5

aquarius ☼
leo ☽
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current interests!
omori, wonder egg priority, tbhk, acnh



me irl

very uncomfy with doubles!

this is not a kin, please don't refer to this as a kin or treat it as such.



(left to right)


charles eyler (hc3), hanako (tbhk), homura akemi (pmmm)


madotsuki (yume nikki), phos (hnk), vflower (ghost and pals/vocaloid), knight (hk), neiru (wep), vera (idv)

if you kin from any of these sources, feel free to lmk :]

you've got mail!!

(and a cat i've assigned you)

you've got mail!

dear basil
i think it should be something of a milestone that i've made three carrds since i met you, and you've managed to be in the lovemail of each one. i love you! it's nothing you haven't heard before, but i really mean it. i have so many sweet memories with you,, and i seem to think of you every hour of the day. even after all this time, i wouldn't wanna be in love with anyone else!! i'll be here for you forevermore :]

dear aubrey
helllloo! in the past couple weeks, we've been talking a lot more and!! i'm!! very grateful for that!! i think you're so very Cool and Epic (also,,who ELSE am i going to ptv lyric post with??). you're always there for people when they need it, and you're ALSO very dependable on kinnie.com!! i shake you like a maracca. i wish you only the best!

dear dima
last, but not least on the "Has Been In The Lovemail Of Each Of My Carrds" club!! dima!!!! hello!! i've known you for such a long time now,, and you're still someone i can really depend on after all this time!! even if i would fight you at any given chance, you always seem to make me (and others!) laugh. you bring a sort of,,light,, to kinnie.com that simply can't be replicated. i care you :]